Debate | WordPress vs Blogger

Which is better?  Ultimate Guide to WordPress vs Blogger via

What's the difference between WordPress and Blogger?  Which one is the right platform for you?  These are possibly the common questions in the blog-o-sphere.  There are lots of designers & bloggers out there who've written great guides and articles on this topic, so I won't be re-hashing the full spiel here, but I'll gladly hook you up with this comprehensive list of (my personal favorite) resources to help you decide for yourself.  

These articles cover the pros, cons, personal preferences, & all the info you need to make a decision about the best platform for you and your blog. [Note: For the purposes of this list, "WordPress" is assumed to be the self-hosted WordPress.ORG unless specifically stated otherwise]

Sneak Peek | Academic Branding & Blog

Sneak Peek  |  Current Branding & Blog Design Project by Rive Gauche Craft

This design sneak-peek is for an academic organization's branding and blog.  I'm really enjoying the challenge of creating an online environment that is not only highly functional and organized, but also visually uplifting, optically soothing, and far from the unfortunate, ubiquitous boring-ness that plagues most liberal-art centered academia.

My primary (aesthetic) concern for this project is balance: I know the staff and teachers will expect something professional and fairly restrained, while the students (who will be the ones actually using the blog) need an engaging design that keeps their interest and is simple and intuitive to navigate.

So to meet both needs in the middle, I'm going for an elegant, relaxed look with a color palette of subdued greys and blues, jazzed up with an energetic pop of aqua.  To keep the design relatable for the students (without being gimmicky or childish - ugh!), I've used a handwritten type face for the logo and header, and a couple of bold graphics like the world map (shown above) for the translation tool.  
This is just a sneak peek, as this project is currently in-progress, but you can see the rest of my design projects over here at the studio.