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Pretty Packaging: Tubes!  via

So I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, and discovered a whole mess of pretty packaging hidden away in my graphic design board.  Call me nerdy, but it was like I'd found a $20 bill in my pocket! (er...almost).  Honestly, I want my whole life to look like a cross between the Rodin Crema and Tokyomilk Dark.  Aesthetically speaking, of course.  With frequent vacations to Marvis, Library of Flowers, and Soap & Paper Factory.  

Furthermore, I'm having a heart attack (the good kind) over the whole Tokyomilk Dark collection.  Item No. 4, above, is scented, "La Vie La Mort", which happily translates to "life and death".  And look at THIS one.  Does it not remind you of my elegantly spooky former branding for RGC?   

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  1. Your blog is always so refreshing to surf to. So clean with great detail. Love the colors in the post.


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