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What's the difference between WordPress and Blogger?  Which one is the right platform for you?  These are possibly the common questions in the blog-o-sphere.  There are lots of designers & bloggers out there who've written great guides and articles on this topic, so I won't be re-hashing the full spiel here, but I'll gladly hook you up with this comprehensive list of (my personal favorite) resources to help you decide for yourself.  

These articles cover the pros, cons, personal preferences, & all the info you need to make a decision about the best platform for you and your blog. [Note: For the purposes of this list, "WordPress" is assumed to be the self-hosted WordPress.ORG unless specifically stated otherwise]


A L L   P L A T F O R M S  |  WordPress.COM and .ORG, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace, Typepad, + more

●  Best Blogging Platforms via Udemy

  What's the Best Blog Platform to Use? via For Bloggers by Bloggers*

P R O   W O R D P R E S S 

●  Blogger v Wordpress via Entrepreneur TV

P R O   B L O G G E R   

●  Blogging for Beginners  via Pugly Pixel

  You Don't Need to Move To WordPress via Code it Pretty*

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MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE  |  So which is my personal preference?  There are things I love about both...and there are things that peeve me about both.  Here are the highlights:

I've been using Blogger the longest, and I really enjoy the simplicity - especially in an age when everything seems more and more complicated.  I still host both of my blogs (this one, plus StyleMachine) on the platform.  It's super cheap (Free! or $10 per domain name, per year), and endlessly customizable.  Seriously, there is nothing you can't do with a bit of basic coding know-how or an awesome designer.  The only catch as far as I'm concerned is that Blogger doesn't come with nearly as many Plug-Ins (i.e. widgets / gadgets) as WordPress, so if you want to add more functionality, you'll need to consult the Google.   

It's no secret that WordPress gets a little tricky.  First, there are two very different versions: WordPress.COM (free / very limited customization) and WordPress.ORG ($80/yr and up - works out to a very reasonable $6 - $7 per month, and is totally customizable).  Here's a guide that breaks down the key differences between the two.  I've personally used both, but have since outgrown, though it was perfect for me when I was starting out.  I'm currently in the process of designing/developing a couple of custom blogs for clients, as well as a new website to transfer my own portfolio.  I must admit, I do love the never ending closet of glorious, ready-to-use plug-ins.  My biggest wish is that the admin dashboard was more clean and simple.  

If you're just starting out, and want to get blogging immediately, I say go ahead and set up a free Blogger or account (or both, actually) and play around with the different themes to get a feel for your preferences.    

If you're an experienced or professional blogger, or a brand/business/creative looking to carve out a unique web presence with some serious pizzazz, you'll definitely need either Blogger or  When you're ready to invest in a completely custom design,  both of these platforms can be made into websites, blogs, or both, and can incorporate shopping carts, other e-commerce solutions, affiliate ads, and more.

Are you gung-ho about Blogger?  Adamant about WordPress?  I'd love to hear your thoughts & preferences as far as blogging platforms.  What advice would you give to a new blogger?  Anything you wish you'd known beforehand about your platform of choice?

*EDITED  |  Resources Added Dec 1, 2013

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