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Voila!  My newest collection of goods have arrived in the shops!  Get your new year started off properly by letting the world know how you really feel (har har).  

The "go away" collection was inspired by my darling muse sister.  I think I've mentioned her before...she's quite a peach!  You know those moments when you're feeling cranky and simply aren't in the mood to interact with other people, but you somehow end up in a social situation (or even just running an errand) anyway?  Yes?  That's where the idea for a dead-pan, yet smirk-worthy "Go Away" tote bag came from.  The brute honesty of the declaration - in such chic and simple hand lettering - might be enough to get you smiling in the first place.

Then I decided that I personally needed a coffee mug emblazoned with the same snarky lettering.  I'm so not a morning person.  Last but not least, the "Go Away" throw pillow is meant to charm the pants of your house guests, obviously! 

Quirky, snarky new hand lettered Prints to decorate your fabulous walls at home:

Another Cat Story - "Let me tell you just one more story about my cats, okay?"
My Favorite Word - "No."

Find these little gems in the print shop!


  1. haha, love these fun, sassy and quirky prints, Katherine!! Yay for new products in the shop! I hope all is well with you dear! Happy Holidays! xo

    1. Thanks so much love! Delighted you stopped by ;)

  2. I hope one day you will return - your blog was one of my favorites, so truly inspiring and your eye for design is one to covet.


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